Writing for the web:
1] Keep it simple, short and sweet. A few paragraphs and an image per page. Occasionally pages can be lengthy and wordy.
2] a few warm and friendly images, webpages can be cold and unfriendly otherwise
3] Guidelines:

How to edit a webpage:
1] Login at
2] enter username/password sent to you
2] Lefthand menu-All Pages-select page of interest
3] Edit main text as desired
4] Press Update button on righthand side, done

Adding an event to your calendar:
1] go to
2] login with email/pwd provided for the google account
3] select date of event, click ‘Edit Details’ link
4] fill in event details, click ‘Save’ above, done

Update text caption on Homepage Slider
1] click ‘Clyclone Slider’ in lefthand menu
2] click ‘homepage1’ slider
3] select slide of interest
4] click ‘Caption’, enter text details
5] click ‘Update’ , top right of page

Edit bottom homepage content boxes or righthand column content boxes
1] login as admin account
2] lefthand menu-Appearance-Widgets
3] select a Main Sidebar widget or First/Second Front Page Widget
4] edit text as desired, click Save below the text box
tip: there’s a Visual and Html tab available when editing text

Edit a photo for the web (72dpi):
1] Go to
2] Click ‘Edit a Photo’ in the menu
3] Upload photo, select recommended middle setting (for the web)
4] Click ‘Crop’ button in lefthand menu (Homepage rotating image is 960×220, most pages use 300×225)
5] Crop image as desired
6] Click ‘Save’ from the menu above the image
7] Click ‘Save to my computer’ in the lefthand menu, done
8] Login to wordpress, lefthand menu ‘Media’, select ‘Add New’
9] select the image you just edited, upload, done

Adding Media (pdf and images)
if its an image, edit with instructions above first
1] lefthand menu-Media-Add New
2] Select pdf or image, done

Linking to PDF or Webpage
if link to pdf first go to: Media-Libary-select pdf of interest
Copy ‘File Url’ text on the righthand side, this is what you will link to.
1] Go to page or widget where the link is to be added
2] Highlight the text of interest
3] Press the button the looks like a chain link (next to text alignment)
4] Paste ‘File Url’ text that was copied earlier or select ‘Or link to exisiting content’ and select the page of interest
5] done

Inserting an Image
Upload the image to the media library (Media-Add New) and copy the ‘File Url’. Ensure image is already edited for the web as instructed above.
1] go to page of interest, place cursor where the image should go, usually the beginning of the paragraph is the best place for the cursor.
2] Press button that looks like small camera (far right of toolbar)
3] Paste ‘File URL text’ copied above
4] select Appearance tab, Alignment-Right
5] Press Insert button, done

Admin Account Tips
1] please consider just editing the website for starters, not installing plugins or updating wordpress.
2] if you are going to install plugins or update wordpress backup the entire website and database before doing do through your webhost control panel, a plugin can bring your entire site down and should be used with caution.

Skype paul.lindgreen ,call, email
There’s lots of good youtube tutorials online too should the instructions above not be enough.

Create a New Page
1] login-lefthand menu-Pages-Add New
2] Enter page title and any other page text
3] Righthand menu-Publish button

Password Protected Pages, Password Update
1] login-lefthand menu-Pages
2] select page to Edit
3] when on password protected page: right column: Visibility:Password Protected, press Edit
4] enter new password->ok->Update

Update Footer
1] Dashboard->Appearance->Editor->Footer.php (rightside): edit html links->Press Update File, done

Update CSS
Appearance->Editor: righthand column select ‘Stylesheet, style.css’ . Make css edit and save updates, the following updates are at the bottom.
example addition jan12,2020:

/* addition jan12,2020 */
    color: #21759b !important;
    color: #21759b !important;