The Community Garden is now Ready for Planting

The community Garden Project is completed and the boxes are finished, complete with garden soil ready for planting.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our opening celebration will be at later date.   Garden boxes are going fast, only $40 for a box for the season, register here.

A big thank-you to our many generous sponsors and volunteers; without you this project could not have happened.

Wheelchair access from shoreham
Path with centerl line
The trail now gives a short and safe passage from the Pigloop road to the number 3 highway.  The trail also gives wheelchair access to the The Park, and Community Garden from Shoreham Village.
The boxes were built by volunteers - nice job! box construction
The boxes were built by Michael  O’Connor and The Park Staff – nice job!
Ocean View filled the boxes with soil.

Filling the boxes with garden soil.


Eager gardeners are planting already!

New retaining wall beside the gardens.

The new retaining wall beside the gardens was built by volunteers from The Park and the Castaways Junior C Hockey Team – good work!

Watering stations are provided so you can fill up your can nearby.

Watering stations are provided so you can fill up your bucket or can nearby.